WordFusion Pro v2.545

WordFusion Pro v2.545 | 41.7 MB
In addition to the features provided by WordFusion WordFusion Pro provides a rich form desinger with scripting and drag and drop data integration. WordFusion Pro is a powerful Forms and Document Assembly solution which includes mail merge and much more.
It can produce complex documents in Microsoft Word Format from information collected using its fully featured document assembly engine. The WordFusion Pro document assembly engine features merge text, conditional sections, repeating sections, list formatting full scripting capabilities and more to provide the power to create documents of any complexity.

WordFusion also provides email functionality that supports Microsoft OutLook, standard MAPI clients and Lotus Notes. With custom email body, automatic document attachment, optional attachments and options to save in drafts, send imediatley or open in your email editor WordFusion provides a unique soution for managing and delivering personalized email messages

A forms and document assembly solution built using WordFusion can help professional organizations streamline document creation, improve the quality of documents, ensure use of up-to-date-content, and increase employee productivity.
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